Who We are

Citizens living in and around Dale, IN. We have a deep love of family, a respect for nature, and  a pride in the community that we live and work in.

Why We Are Concerned

Plans are currently underway to build a Coal-to-Diesel Plant one mile from the heart of our town and we are gravely concerned about the long-term environmental, health, and economic implications this will have on our community.

What We Believe

Our citizens, governments and industry must work together to be good stewards of our environment, protect our families and promote our well-being, as well as the well-being of future generations.

Our Mission

Promote engagement with local governments to ensure everyone has input to decisions that affect us.

Insist our industry act in a way that places the highest respect on the health and safety of all our citizens, even if this means exceeding the letter of the law.

Encourage development which respects and preserves the beauty and charm that make this area so desirable to live in and visit.

Demand openness and accountability of industry and governments at all levels.


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